Split Tray

Boost efficiency with easy uncoupling of unneeded counterweights, saving assembly and personnel time and eliminating the need for an assist crane.

technology description

Amp Up Efficiency and Reduce Lifting Costs

The Superlift Split Tray with quick coupling technology can be used during main boom setup of the CC 38.650-1 with or without the Boom Booster Kit. It boosts efficiency by allowing uncoupling of a counterweight that is no longer required, reducing assembly time, requiring fewer personnel, and eliminating the need for an assist crane during this procedure. Calculations indicate cost reductions up to €10,000 / US $12,000 per lift. While available separately, the Split Tray really shines when working in combination with the Flex Frame and superlift mast extension. The Split Tray is also available for the CC 28.600-1 crawler crane.