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Tadano’s Breast Efforts: A Remarkable Contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a month that carries a special significance in the fight against breast cancer. It’s a time when organisations, communities, and individuals come together to raise awareness about this pervasive disease. Tadano Oceania showed its unwavering commitment to this cause by actively participating in Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2023. Under the banner of “Tadano’s Breast Efforts,” the company embarked on a series of fundraising initiatives to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Their efforts resulted in an impressive donation of over $11,500 towards breast cancer research, detection, and prevention.

Raising Funds for a Noble Cause

TOP and it’s amazing employee’s involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness Month was nothing short of remarkable. They recognised the importance of contributing to a cause that affects countless women / men and their families across the globe. The company organised a variety of fundraising activities, both internally and externally, to maximise their impact.

  1. Exclusive Merchandise: At the CICA 2023 conference in Perth, Tadano offered exclusive merchandise with all proceeds going directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This creative initiative not only raised funds but also allowed attendees to show their support for breast cancer awareness by sporting Tadano’s merchandise.
  2. Pink Ribbon Morning Tea: In a heartwarming gesture, Tadano hosted a “Pink Ribbon Morning Tea” at their offices. Employees were invited to come together over tea and snacks while contributing to the cause. The event encouraged conversations about breast cancer awareness, early detection, and prevention.
  3. Donation Boxes in All Offices: TOP placed donation boxes in all their offices, making it convenient for everyone to contribute to the cause. The accessible and visible donation boxes served as a constant reminder about the importance of the campaign.
  4. Breast Dressed Competition: TOP organised a “Breast Dressed” competition, which encouraged employees to wear their most creative pink outfits to work. The competition brought a sense of fun and camaraderie to the workplace while raising funds for breast cancer research. Shane McPherson a Tadano Service Technician based in the Perth office pulled in all the stops and won “Breast Dressed”! As well as impressively raising the most funds as an individual with over $1500 worth of donations to his name!
  5. Tadano Merch Sale Fundraiser: Exclusively accessible through the Tadano Lift Crew loyalty program, the Tadano Merchandise store opened its doors to employees for a one-day exclusive sale. The event was a resounding success, providing an excellent boost to the fundraising efforts for breast cancer whilst also serving a positive impact within the team as there had been much interest in the local Tadano Merchandise prior.

The success of “Tadano’s Breast Efforts” extends beyond the dollars raised. It signifies the importance of corporate social responsibility and the impact a company can have when it aligns its values with a noble cause. Tadano not only demonstrated its commitment to the communities it serves but also showcased its dedication to making a real difference in the world.