Eco Mode System

Tadano’s Eco Mode system represents an innovative approach to crane operation, aiming to increase efficiency and minimize environmental impact. There are two different versions developed for specific crane models to optimize performance and meet special operational requirements.

Eco Mode for Tadano AC, City, and GTC-2000 Cranes

Performance Enhancement, Emissions Reduction

The Eco Mode system for Tadano AC, City, and GTC-2000 cranes works by intelligently controlling engine speed. This technology allows for a reduction in both fuel consumption and noise emissions during crane operation. Operators retain control over the required operating speed through the control lever, ensuring seamless integration into their workflow while maximizing efficiency.

Eco Mode for Tadano GR Cranes

Efficiency Redefined, Environmental Impact Reduced

Tadano GR cranes feature their own version of the Eco Mode system, offering similar benefits with tailored functionality. Like its counterpart, this version regulates engine speed during crane operation and provides significant reductions in both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. By selecting Eco Mode 1 or Eco Mode 2, operators can achieve a notable reduction of up to 22% or 30% in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, respectively. Additionally, this setting contributes to a quieter operating environment, enhancing the overall user experience.

Regardless of the specific crane model, Tadano’s Eco Mode stands for a commitment to sustainable practices without compromising performance. By integrating advanced technology and user-centered design, Tadano continues to set standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility.