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156 tonnes of lifting capacity, 60 m main boom and a wide variety of boom extention provide high versatility.

Strong lifting capacity, 196.9 ft main boom and a wide variety of boom extensions provide high versatility.

Product Specs

  • Capacity Class 200 USt
  • Capacity 172 USt
  • Max. Load Moment 4231 kips.ft
  • Main Boom Length 42.3 ft -196.9 ft
  • Boom Extension 16.4 ft – 75.5 ft
  • Max. Tip Height 279.0 ft
  • Max. Counterweight 99,225 lbs
  • Track Width Extended 24 ft 0 in
  • Track Width Retracted 15 ft 10 in
  • Track Width Removed 9 ft 10 in
  • Hoist Line Pull 30,400 lbs
  • MAX Radius 203.4 ft
  • GVM 326,405 lbs
  • Dimensions 51 ft 4 in L x 15 ft 10 in W x 11 ft 6 in H
  • Capacity Class 180 t
  • Capacity 156 t
  • Max. Load Moment 585 tm
  • Main Boom Length 12.9 m – 60 m
  • Boom Extension 5 m – 23 m
  • Max. Tip Height 85 m
  • Max. Counterweight 45,000 kg
  • Track Width Extended 7.32 m
  • Track Width Retracted 4.82 m
  • Track Width Removed 2.99 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 136.6 kN
  • Max. Radius 62 m
  • GVM 148,000 kg
  • Dimensions 15.58 m L x 4.82 W x 3.50 m H
  • Engine Mercedes-Benz

Product Description

Closing Gaps In Design and Capacity Classes

The GTC-2000 represents the integration of a crane from Zweibrücken, Germany into the impressive Tadano portfolio of teleboom crawler cranes. It also closes the gap between the 130t and 220t capacity classes and boasts an actual lifting capacity of 156t and a maximum load moment of 585t. The main boom length of 60m can be increased further if necessary, with lengths of 5m, 11m, 17m, and 23m which can be mechanically and hydraulically offset are available, giving a maximum system length of up to 83m.

The Tadano GTC-2000 has a track width that can be adjusted as necessary in both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations so that it can be used for applications in which space is at a premium, such as bridge construction projects. It is also perfect for doing construction work, where it is not only able to move and telescope components, but also luff down and retract the boom and then travel underneath roof structures to get to where it needs to be.




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