supply chain complaints (human rights and environment)

Tadano Europe offers the possibility for all employees at all European locations and branches to report violations in accordance with EU Directive 2019/1937. All employees (including former employees), suppliers, contractors or any other person can report violations, whether local violations of law or violations of EU directives, regulations, rules or non-compliance with the TADANO CSR Charter, the TADANO Code of Conduct or any applicable Tadano directive, regulation, or comparable procedure within Europe. Complaints can also be submitted with respect to risks and violations in the supply chain in the areas of human rights and the environment.

However, the report must always relate to the sphere of activity of Tadano Europe. The violation must have been committed by a Tadano company, an employee or supplier, contractor, or other person under the control of Tadano (whistleblowing) or the risk or violation must exist / have been committed at Tadano or at a direct or indirect supplier.

You can report offences online via the LegalTegrity platform (operated by LegalTegrity GmbH, Frankfurt am Main). This can, but does not have to be done anonymously. The LegalTegrity contact at Tadano for these reports is the Tadano Compliance Office.

Your message remains confidential!

Your report will be investigated!

Honest whistleblowers and their intermediaries remain protected!

You can make the declaration yourself or through an intermediary (which you determine yourself).

Every report must be truthful!

Link to the Legal Tegrity platform:


Available languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish


This is NOT a facility for receiving: emergencies, warranty claims, complaints, complaints, advice, enquiries, suggestions.
Reports that do not contain any specific information cannot be processed.

Do not make any deliberately false or misleading reports! This may result in civil or criminal liability!

This organisation is not authorised to deliver messages to Tadano.