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Sarens orders Boom Booster Kit for Tadano CC 38.650-1

From left to right: Uwe Schlicher (Key Account Senior Sales Manager, Tadano) – Hendrik Sanders (Research & Development Manager, Sarens) – Marc Sarens (Director, Sarens) – Jan l. Sarens (Equipment Trade Director & Board Member, Sarens) – Stijn Sarens (Key Account Manager & Board Member, Sarens) – Christian Eickstädt (Retrofit Manager, Tadano).

“The 84-meter Boom Booster Kit will enable us to significantly increase the lifting capacities and reach of our Tadano CC 38.650-1 so that we can take care of jobs that would have otherwise required a considerably bigger crane,” explains Sarens Equipment Trade Director  Jan L. Sarens. More specifically, the Boom Booster makes it possible for the CC 38.650-1 to carry out lifts that would normally be the exclusive purview of cranes in the 750-tonne class. In other words, the Boom Booster provides the CC 38.650-1 with crucial cost advantages in many scenarios, giving it a competitive edge as a result. “And since the Boom Booster not only improves the crane’s performance, but also its cost-effectiveness, our investment will pay for itself very quickly,” Sarens Equipment Trade Director Jan L. Sarens confidently adds.

Sarens will be using the Boom Booster Kit to erect wind turbines with large hub heights – the first jobs in the Netherlands and Germany are in fact already scheduled for next April. The Boom Booster Kit will be delivered in January 2023.