Who we are

Tadano is dedicated to providing outstanding, innovative cranes that serve a variety of lifting needs for customers woldwide.

Our mission

Tadano’s corporate slogan of “Lifting your dreams” refers not only to the goals and aspirations held dear by individuals, society, and our company, but also to the ambition we each hold that turns dreams into reality. At Tadano, we firmly believe that high-quality lifting equipment contributes to a better society and boosts prosperity for our customers. While doing so, we work to maximize our corporate value while meeting the expectations of every stakeholder. Simply stated, we continuously pursue further excellence for the world and the future.


The Tadano Group adheres to its Corporate Philosophy of Sozo (Creation), Hoshi (Contribution), and Kyoryoku (Cooperation), firmly believing that a company can only exist successfully if it is in harmony with society and people. Pursuant to this, Tadano and its employees contribute to the development of local and international communities and promote business activities that help protect the global environment. We also work to maximize corporate value while meeting and exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Sozo (Creation)

We will create by innovating and taking pride in high-quality products.

Hoshi (Contribution)

We will contribute to our customers’ success and serve society.

Kyoryoku (Cooperation)

We will cooperate to ensure our happiness and strengthen the bonds between us.

Our CORE values

Tadano’s Core Values are “Safety, Quality, and Efficiency based on Compliance (C+SQE).” We put the highest priority on the safety of society and all those who make and use are products and services. We pursue quality improvement, including that of products, services, and business operations. We enhance the efficiency of our own business operations, in addition to contributing to improvements in the business efficiency of our customers. Compliance provides the groundwork that enables Tadano to actualize safety, quality, and efficiency, as we act with fairness and honesty and maintain a high sense of ethics.