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bauma attendees are invited to take a closer look at Tadano

The Tadano Group looks forward to sharing its progress since the last bauma show. Working with our customers to understand their needs, we have expanded the product line, enhanced the Tadano Customer Experience, contributed to community development and advanced our business activities to protect the global environment. Using the OneTadano concept, the Tadano Group combines the collective strength of the global teams, streamlines company management, and optimizes the company’s global production system to maximize synergies across all manufacturing and service locations.

Integrating the Demag mobile crane business allowed the Tadano Group to enhance and expand the Tadano product line as well as reinforce customer service, parts and training. “Today, Tadano delivers a best-in-class customer experience through our premium lifting solutions that encompasses one of the industry’s broadest lifting equipment line, innovative technologies, and streamlined service and parts supports programs,” says Toshiaki Ujiie, president and CEO of Tadano Ltd.

“Cranes are more than just a product we sell. They are a part of our DNA. To customers, our cranes are more than just another tool, they are a passion, and we share in that passion. We focus on lifting equipment and the experience of those that work around the cranes. Every single lift that is performed in the field is just as important to us as it is to the customer carrying it out.”

During bauma 2022, show attendees are invited to take a closer look at how Tadano has grown and improved operations since bauma 2019. They will experience a host of new products, advances in technologies, and expanded solutions, designed to improve the customer’s lifting efficiency and competitiveness.

Lifting equipment innovation

Tadano’s latest equipment innovations will be one key focal point during the October trade fair. Despite the global supply chain issues and ongoing pandemic, innovation at Tadano has not ceased. Most of the cranes on display in Tadano exhibit FS.1205 are new production models introduced since bauma 2019. The 22 new models since last bauma include 5 AC Series all terrain cranes, 2 HK Series truck cranes, 2 GTC Series telescopic boom crawler cranes, 11 GR Series rough terrain cranes, and 2 TM Series truck loader cranes.

“bauma 2022 attendees will be the first to see several new all terrain cranes developed under the OneTadano concept,” says Jens Ennen, CEO of Tadano Demag and Tadano Faun. “Among the exhibit highlights will be the next generation models of the four-axle AC 4.070-2 70-tonne (77-US ton) crane and versatile AC 5.250-2 five-axle crane for the 250-tonne (275-US ton) lift capacity class. Tadano will also preview the 50-tonne (55-US ton) AC 3.050-1 and 60-tonne (66-US ton) AC 3.060-2 three-axle all terrain cranes, scheduled to be launched in 2023“.

Tadano all terrain cranes are capable of efficiently completing a wide range of applications from smaller jobs like residential building construction and taxi-crane work to infrastructure projects like bridge construction, building construction and renovation, and tower crane erection. All these new crane models share the same Tadano AC family concept as the recently introduced AC 2.040-1 40-tonne (44-US ton) crane on display. These cranes bring together the best of two worlds, combining the know-how from the Tadano Zweibrücken and Lauf facilities.

The new Boom Booster for the CC 68.1250-1 lattice boom crawler crane on display increases the crane’s 1250-tonne (1,375-US ton) capacity by up to 30% for heavy lifts. Also making their first global trade show debut will be the AC 7.450-1 all terrain crane, HK 4.050-1 truck crane, GTC-2000 telescopic boom crawler crane and GR-1000EX-4 rough terrain crane. The exhibit will also include the 650-tonne (715-US ton) PC 38.650-1 pedestal crane that offers the best-in-class ergonomics for operators and delivers significant advantages on jobsites requiring extra lifting power where ground conditions are marginal.

The cranes on display will include features that aid the operator and make lifting jobs more efficient and comfortable. This includes the IC-1 Remote advanced telematics solution that provides real-time, cloud-based data views and allows for remote troubleshooting. Flex Base offers stepless outrigger positioning and real-time determination for every boom position to optimize lift capacity. Tadano Smart Chart allows the crane to take advantage of its full lifting potential, even when the outriggers are deployed asymmetrically.

Digital and service solutions

A critical component for a lifting company’s success is having the right information where and when it’s needed. A range of new digital lifting solutions and online tools are now available to allow Tadano customers work more efficiently and drive their business forward – today and tomorrow.

Tadano team members will be available to demonstrate the range of online tools that expand and enhance crane capacity while ensuring safety and efficiency. These lifting technologies include 2D and 3D CAD forms as well as BIM data models. Customers can also easily access lift planning tools and outrigger reaction plans for the Tadano mobile equipment lines. In addition, rigging condition and working range online tools can be accessed for a range of Tadano models. All these different tools help customers to operate their cranes at their maximum potential.

Attendees also will learn how the new Tadano Pro app for smartphones and tablets, offers a single source for quickly accessing these online tools plus crane brochures, datasheets, pictures, videos and more.

Expanding and enhancing service capabilities for customers is at the core of the OneTadano initiative. Since bauma 2019, local sales and service branches have merged into joint Tadano teams in all markets. This change has enabled them to provide more comprehensive offerings to customers along with improved service, since they cover all equipment.

Even today, Tadano constantly works to expand its global service network and increase the breadth and depth of parts inventory at strategic locations nearby the customer. The bauma exhibit enables attendees to learn more about how the recently harmonized European WebShop offers one source for part for all Models of Tadano Cranes.

Tadano Green Solutions

“As the global market accelerates its shift toward clean energy, a portion of the bauma stand is dedicated to showing Tadano’s commitment to the environment through Tadano Green Solutions,” says Toshiaki Ujiie, president and CEO of Tadano Ltd. The company continues to reduce CO2 emissions to achieve our long-term emissions reduction targets, for crane models, production facilities, and logistics operations.

“The Tadano Group has declared its goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” continues Mr. Ujiie. “At bauma, we will show our hybrid engine concept designed for lowering CO2 emissions and our E-Pack electrohydraulic system for zero emission crane operation, winner of an ESTA Awards of Excellence. Additionally, we will introduce our electric rough terrain crane with zero-emissions technology sometime in 2023.”

Beyond lowering emissions from crane operations, Tadano is continuing its installation of solar panels at its global factories, which this has already been completed at the plant in Kozai, Japan. Additionally, the company will progressively switch its plants over to renewable fuels to lower the emissions from the crane manufacturing process.  

From the new equipment and technologies on display to improved service support through the OneTadano initiative to lowering the company’s overall operating carbon footprint, the Tadano Group has an exciting story to tell bauma 2022 attendees. But the company certainly does not forget those who will not be able to travel to Munich. “We look forward to seeing everyone at the show. For those that are not able to attend and for those that wish to prepare themselves for bauma 2022, Tadano offers the Tadano World Showroom ( for everyone to experience the full range of equipment, technologies and solutions on display at the trade show,” says Jens Ennen.

 “We are taking advantage of this year’s bauma to show everything we have achieved in the past few years and the enormous progress we have made since bauma 2019 in a number of areas that benefit our customers. Tadano is proud and excited to welcome visitors to our booth at bauma for them to witness the numerous innovations in terms of products and solutions,” concludes Mr. Ujiie. “We invite all show attendees to take a closer look at Tadano inside our FS 1205 exhibit.”