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Working powerfully with Heavy duty truck, ”Safety Eyes” system that monitors crane work safety is equipped as standard.

Series Specs

Max. Load Moment 15,000 kg x 2.0 m15,000 kg x 2.0 m
Main Boom Length 5.3 m – 18.5 m5.3 m – 18.5 m
Outrigger Bases 2,460 mm / 4,200 mm / 6,000 mm2,460 mm / 4,200 mm / 6,000 mm
Hoist Line Pull 14.72 kN14.72 kN
Max. Radius 18.07 m18.07 m
GVM Approx. 5,200 kgApprox. 5,200 kg
Max. Lifting Capacity 15 t15 t
Spec Sheet

Product description

Safer, stronger, farther – maximum performance through sensor monitoring.

The TM-ZX1500 with the maximum lifting capacity of 15.0 tons has maximum 18.5m lengths boom and can be mounted on heavy duty trucks. This model is equipped with “Safety Eyes” system which monitors a crane and various “safety devices” made by mobilizing the best technologies as standard to provide further security and safety for you.