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TM-ZE550MH series

Standard Hook-in system to further enhance work. True performance has arrived. Obsession with it. Tadano Zest Series is a cutting edge cargo crane.

Series Specs

Max. Load Moment 5,050 kg x 2.5 m5,050 kg x 2.5 m5,050 kg x 2.5 m
Main Boom Length 3.77 m – 13.34 m3.55 m – 10.80 m3.47 m – 8.31 m
Outrigger Bases 2,200 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,800 mm2,200 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,800 mm2,200 mm / 3,000 mm / 3,800 mm
Hoist Line Pull 9.90 kN9.90 kN9.90 kN
Max. Radius 13.12 m10.58 m8.09 m
GVM Approx. 2,025 kgApprox. 1,845 kgApprox. 1,725 kg
Max. Lifting Capacity 5.05 t5.05 t5.05 t
Spec Sheet

Product description

Easy operation and Easy Maintenance.

The TM-ZE550MH with the maximum lifting capacity of 5.05 tons has a choice of 3 different boom lengths to meet your lifting requirements. This model can be mounted on heavy duty trucks. Tadano’s unique pentagonal boom is made of high-tensile steel and the section of boom has a structure of bended one piece steel plate for lighter boom weight and powerful lifting capability. Standard Hook-in system to further enhance work efficiency.