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The GR-1100EX uses the Tadano Smart Chart to expand your working area and provide superior performance in any outrigger setup.

Product Specs

  • Capacity Class 110 t
  • Main Boom Length 12.0 m – 56.0 m
  • Boom Extension 10.1 m / 17.7 m
  • Outrigger Bases 7.3 m x 7.1 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 97.0 kN
  • Max. Radius 48.3 m
  • Dimensions 14.5 m L x 3.3 m W x 3.8 m H
  • Axles 2
  • Drive 4x4x4

Product description

Compact Rough Terrain Crane with Improved Work Capacity

The GR-1100EX is a cutting-edge crane with the highest lifting capacity among Tadano’s two-axle rough terrain models. Mounted on a compact two-axle carrier, it features the longest boom among Tadano’s two-axle rough terrain cranes. Powered by a Mitsubishi engine, it delivers reliable performance and efficiency. Despite its robust capabilities, it maintains a compact size, comparable to existing 100-ton-class rough terrain models, making it exceptionally easy to transport. The new crane design prioritizes enhanced safety, increased work efficiency, environmental consciousness, and outstanding quality.