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First Tadano AC 7.450-1 in the Czech Republic

From left to right: Andreas Schramm (Sales Manager, Tadano), Oldrich Shromazdil (Isos Trade), Marek Shromazdil (Isos Trade), Radek Malina (Managing Director, Malina), Peter Lesko (Technical Director, Malina), Giuseppe Pompeo (General Manager Sales, Tadano)

Radek Malina, founder and managing director of the crane service provider of the same name, will tell you that he had been waiting for this moment for a long time: “We really wanted to get our hands on an AC 7.450-1 from the moment it was being developed, and we’re of course elated to finally have one in our fleet,” he reports. This is why he made absolutely sure not to miss out on traveling from his company’s headquarters in the Czech city of Ostrava to Zweibrücken to pick up the AC 7.450-1 in person at the Tadano plant together with his sales manager and engineering consultant, Peter Leško. The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager for Eastern Europe and the CIS Region Andreas Schramm.

“This powerful crane will bring our fleet to a whole new level. It’s our flagship machine now, and that’s part of why we ordered it with virtually all the equipment options available,” Radek Malina explains. The Czech crane experts found the innovative and self-rigging SSL Superlift system, which in a number of boom positions provides the AC 7.450‑1 with lifting capacities exceeding those found on many eight-axle units, especially important. Other vital factors behind Radek Malina’s purchase decision included both the continuously offsettable fly jib and the patented luffing jib rigging system, which ensures that the crane can be set up particularly quickly, easily, and safely.

“Not to mention, of course, that the AC 7.450-1 is incredibly compact for its class. That makes it an extremely versatile unit for us – especially when it comes to roads and work sites where things are really tight,” Peter Leško points out as another advantage behind the crane. On top of this, the AC 7.450‑1 shines on the road thanks to another advantage: The main boom can be easily removed, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the crane’s weight and travel on routes with weight restrictions while also making it easier to get road permits when necessary.

These advantages will enable Radek Malina to use the AC 7.450‑1 as an all-rounder for recovery, wind turbine erection, large HVAC system installation, and freeway construction jobs all throughout the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.