Tadano Europe has a whistleblowing system in place that makes it possible for all team members at all European locations and branches to report violations in accordance with EU Directive 2019/1937. All (including former) team members, suppliers, contractors, and other persons that are or were under the control of Tadano can file reports of violations, regardless of whether laws or regulations, or EU Directives or Regulations, have been violated or whether the violation consists of failure to observe the TADANO CSR Charter, the TADANO Code of Conduct, or any other applicable guideline, policy, or comparable Tadano rule within Europe.

However, the report must always be related to Tadano Europe’s sphere of influence. Accordingly, the violation must have been committed by a Tadano company, a team member, or a supplier, contractor, or other persons under the control of Tadano.

You can report violations through the LegalTegrity platform (run by LegalTegrity GmbH, Frankfurt a.M.) over the Internet. You have the option to do so anonymously if you want. The contact for LegalTegrity at Tadano for these reports is the Tadano Compliance Office.

Your report will remain confidential!

Your report will be looked into!

Whistleblowers and their intermediaries will be protected!

You can file a report yourself or through intermediaries (chosen by you).

Every report must be truthful!

Link to LegalTegrity platform:

Available languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish


This system is NOT intended for: Emergencies, warranty claims, complaints, advice, inquiries, suggestions.

Reports that do not include specific information cannot be looked into.

Do not file intentionally false or misleading reports! Doing so may result in civil or criminal liability!

This system is not authorized for delivering notices to Tadano.