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Steil takes delivery of Tadano AC 6.300-1 all terrain crane

From left to right: Dominik Reich (Service Technician, Tadano), Dieter Altmeyer and Daniel Schäfer (Crane Operator, Steil), Frank Brachtendorf (Head of Sales DACH, Tadano)

Steil Managing Director Daniel Gödert will tell you that there is no doubt about it: “The Tadano AC 6.300-1 is simply one of the best machines that the market has to offer when it comes to six-axle cranes,” he explained while taking delivery of his company’s new crane at Tadano in Zweibrücken. The AC 6.300-1 was handed over by Tadano Head of Sales for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland Frank Brachtendorf.

The people at Steil see the crane’s consistently extraordinary lifting capacities, both close to the crane and at large radii, as one of its biggest strengths. In addition, Daniel Gödert considers the crane to be ideal for erecting tower cranes and electricity pylons thanks to its 80-meter-long main boom. And there is another characteristic that made it easy for the crane experts from Trier to decide on the AC 6.300-1: “We only bought the base machine with its full counterweight and the prep package for folding jibs, since we can actually use the jib from our AC 300 cranes thanks to the fact that these models are compatible with each other. This makes the AC 6.300-1 especially cost-effective for us,” Daniel Gödert explains.

Steil will be using its AC 6.300-1 primarily for the pre-assembly of wind turbines and as an assist crane for setting up and tearing down its own crawler cranes – extensively: The six-axle unit’s schedule is already fully booked through the end of the year.