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HK 4.070-1

Advanced designs provide high maneuverability, optimum tractive force, minimal turning radii, and extraordinary stability; outrigger varieties conquer challenging sites.

Product Specs

  • Main Boom Length 10.4 m – 41 m
  • Boom Extension 1.6 m / 8.8 m / 15.8 m
  • Max. Tip Height 60 m
  • Outrigger Bases 6.94 m x 6.85 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 44 kN
  • Max. Radius 44 m
  • Dimensions L: 11.81 m W: 2.55 m H: 3.94 m
  • Axles 4
  • Engine Mercedes-Benz
  • Drive 8 x 4

Product description

An all-rounder on a truck: Put the HK 4.070-1 to the test!

A tridem rear axle with a steered trailing axle enables the HK 4.070-1 to achieve minimal turn radii. The air-ride rear axles ensure extraordinary stability. In addition, two drive axles provide optimum traction. With H-style outriggers and five outrigger bases, the HK 4.070-1 is also perfectly suited to narrow prefab home work sites. It can optionally come with its own trailer, fully loaded with a counterweight of 7.1 tonnes. The crane can travel to the worksite with a total counterweight of 15.2 tonnes. A maximum total vehicle combination weight of 41.8 tonnes makes it possible to travel with a simplified special permit.




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