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PANAM team presents Tadano Quality at M&T Expo

Tadano Brazil displayed a GT-750EL Truck Crane and an AC 3.045-1 City Crane at the M&T Expo 2024 (April 23rd –26th) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thanks to the great support from our valued partner CUNZOLO, Tadano Brazil could promote our outstanding quality to many Brazilian customers – including the custom paint option for the Latin American region.

The exhibition was very successful, and Tadano Brazil has received lots of wonderful feedback on product quality as well as inquiries from potential customers.

Mr. Dean Barley, President & CEO of Tadano America, participated in the exhibition as the Pan American team held important discussions with Brazilian customers and partners throughout the trade show and nightly festivities.

The customer dinner event was impressive to many customers, and it even included an “Origami (Japanese papercraft) crane contest”. Many Brazilians really enjoy Japanese culture and are familiar the art of Japanese paper folding.

The Brazilian market is booming through the strong demand from main sectors like wind power, mining & steel, paper, and oil & gas. Tadano Brazil would like to keep developing its business and contributing to the local society, and the M&T Expo contributed greatly to those goals.