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The GR-1300XL-4’s six-section boom extends to 183.7 ft, longest in its 130 USt weight class. Tadano’s “Smart Chart” maximizes performance while its compact 28ft carrier length eases transport.

Product Specs

  • Main Boom Length 40.0 ft – 183.7 ft
  • Boom Extension 33.8 ft – 59.1 ft
  • Outrigger Bases 25.1 ft x 25.6 ft
  • Hoist Line Pull 15,900 lbs
  • MAX Radius 205.0 ft
  • Dimensions 578.76 in L x 114.14 in W x 155.51 in H
  • Capacity Class 118.0 t
  • Main Boom Length 12.2 m – 56.0 m
  • Boom Extension 10.3 m – 18.0 m
  • Max. Tip Height 72.51 m
  • Outrigger Bases 7.66 m x 7.8 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 7,200 kg
  • Max. Radius 62.48 m
  • Dimensions 14.7 m L x 2.90 m W x 3.95 m H
  • Axles 2
  • Drive 4x4x4

product description

Long six-section boom, versatile for transport

The versatile Tadano GR-1300XL-4, equipped with a Cummins engine, offers a six-section boom that can extend up to 183.7 ft (56 m) using its reliable telescoping pinning system, giving it the longest boom length of any rough terrain crane in the 130 USt (118 t) weight class. Self-removable counterweights and a compact carrier length of just 28 ft (8.5 m) on a two-axle system mean the GR-1300XL-4 can be transported easily to any job site. Once on the site, Tadano’s on-board ‘Smart Chart’ technology helps to maximize work performance. Other features include asymmetrical outriggers setup, a tiltable cab, and an Eco Mode System to save on fuel consumption and enhance efficiency.



    Tadano GR-1300XL-4

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