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The ideal refinery machine, the GR-1200XL uses the Tadano Smart Chart to expand your working area and provide superior performance in any outrigger setup.

Product Specs

  • Main Boom Length 39.4 ft – 183.7 ft
  • Boom Extension 33.2 ft – 58.1 ft
  • Outrigger Bases 24.1 ft x 23.9 ft
  • Hoist Line Pull 21,800 lbs
  • MAX Radius 159.0 ft
  • Dimensions 568.9 in L x 130.5 in W x 149.4 in H
  • Capacity Class 110.0 t
  • Main Boom Length 12.0 m – 56.0 m
  • Boom Extension 10.1 m – 17.7 m
  • Max. Tip Height 73.57 m
  • Outrigger Bases 7.33 m x 7.3 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 9,900 kg
  • Max. Radius 48,46 m
  • Dimensions 14.45 m L x 3.31 m W x 3.79 m H
  • Axles 2
  • Drive 4x4x4

product description

High Capacity with all the Tech Advancements

The GR-1200XL, equipped with a Cummins engine, features a maximum capacity of 120 USt and a maximum lift height of 241.4 ft. Standard features on the GR-1200XL include the Tadano Smart Chart, HELLO-NET, ECO Mode, and Self-Removable Counterweight. The Smart Chart expands the working area from a circular cone to a square pyramid, affording the best crane performance in any outrigger extension setup. HELLO-NET’s telematics system supports crane management by providing details on operational status, position, and maintenance. The ECO Mode System controls the maximum engine speed at the time of crane operation, reducing fuel consumption by as much as 40%.