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AC 4.110-1

A compact and powerful four-axle crane with a large lifting capacity, especially with its main boom fully extended. Innovatively equipped and maneuverable on tight roads and work sites.

Product Specs


A powerhouse on four axles

The heart of the AC 4.110-1 is a reinforced 60-m main boom that enables the crane to achieve extraordinary lifting capacities in its class. The AC 4.110-1 remains at a slender width of 2.75 m even with 24 tonnes of counterweight. The crane maintains a counterweight tailswing radius of only 3.8 m even with the full 30.4 tonnes of counterweight. Thanks to the superstructure shared with the AC 5.120-1, 80% of the counterweights for both cranes are interchangeable, as are the boom extensions, including one with reduced complexity. The Lift Adjuster reliably reduces load swinging during lifting and lowering.


Lower cabin
Upper cabin