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Safar takes delivery of Tadano AC 5.220-1 all terrain crane

From left to right: Timo Vogt (Apprentice Professional Operator, Safar), Guiseppe Galizia (Crane Operator, Safar), Hendrik Eich (Managing Director, Safar), Frank Brachtendorf (Head of Sales DACH, Tadano), Detlef Precht (Head of Heavy Load, Safar) and Mrs. Roswitha Precht

Ask Safar Managing Director Hendrik Eich, and he will tell you that the Tadano AC 5.220-1 is capable of tackling an extremely broad range of jobs: “Without any counterweight, it’s a remarkably cost-effective 100-tonne crane that can get to its destination without needing any additional transportation vehicles. With 11 tonnes of counterweight, it’s a versatile 130-tonne machine. With the full counterweight, it can even be used as a 250-tonne powerhouse,” he says while explaining just how versatile the crane is. And since Safar’s Cranes department continues to be on a clear growth trajectory and the market keeps demanding increasingly powerful machines, he sees the AC 5.220-1 as the best machine for expanding the range of jobs that his company can cover, as he underscored when picking up the crane from Tadano Head of Sales Frank Brachtendorf.

Hendrik Eich adds another reason why his company decided on the AC 5.220-1: “We’ve had an extraordinarily good business relationship with Tadano for many years now, and are extremely happy with the service they provide – that goes from technical support all the way to operator training and other training offerings provided by Tadano, including BKF 35 training.” On top of this, the Safar team knows how invaluable the long-term quality of Tadano cranes is: “We’ve had an ATF 100G-4 hard at work since 2019, and its total downtime is pretty close to zero, part of which we attribute to the fact that Tadano’s service and spare parts services are incredibly reliable,” Hendrik Eich points out.

Safar ordered the AC 5.220-1 with a heavy-duty short jib and a second winch, which will eliminate the need for a second crane in many cases where loads are being turned. As far as Hendrik Eich is concerned, this solution with a runner and a second winch is one of the crucial advantages offered by the crane. He also adds the unit’s adjustable-extension outriggers with five positions, the large lifting capacities, and a boom length of 68 meters as additional plus factors. And when it comes to aspects related to cost-effectiveness, the fact that the crane can travel below the 12-tonne axle load limit with a hook block, dimensional lumber, and various accessories is something he finds tremendously compelling: “This makes the AC 5.220-1 the only large five-axle crane that can be used right away without the need for additional transportation vehicles,” he succinctly puts it.