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New Tadano HK 4.070-1 for Brielmann

Left to right: Bernd Brielmann (managing director, Brielmann) – John Sautter (crane operator, Brielmann) – Michael Zieger (sales manager, Tadano).

Ask about the Tadano HK 4.070-1 and Bernd Brielmann, the managing director behind the Mössingen-based crane service provider of the same name, will be more than happy to tell you all the reasons why he thinks it is an excellent purchase: “For starters, the HK 4.070-1 is one of the biggest and most powerful truck-mounted cranes out there that can travel on public roads without the need for a permit right now. Not only that, but it can also take its full counterweight and jib to the road. And yet the thing that really sells it for me is its H-style outriggers, which save space and enable it to lift heavy loads even at work sites that don’t offer much room to maneuver,” the crane expert from Baden-Württemberg explains. The managing director recently picked up his new machine together with crane operator John Sautter in Lauf, with the HK 4.070-1 being handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Michael Zieger.

Bernd Brielmann is quick to add that Tadano also put together a very compelling package for the HK 4.070-1 from a financial perspective: “The reliable Scania chassis means that the HK 4.070-1 has the same fuel efficiency as a normal truck and that it experiences much less wear in comparison to an all-terrain crane,” he explains. He also has plenty of praise for the two-engine concept, which features a smaller and more fuel-efficient engine for the superstructure that also makes work more comfortable for crane operators. “We’ll be using the HK 4.070-1 primarily to assemble prefab homes and basements, as well as to set steel and concrete components in place – that’s where the fuel-efficient engine on top comes in, as it’s way more cost-effective than many other options,” Bernd Brielmann says before commenting that the crane’s extraordinary versatility is also a plus factor worth considering.

The latter is due in part to the fact that Brielmann ordered the crane with all the bells and whistles: The HK 4.070-1 not only features a counterweight trailer, but also a runner, an emergency lowering system for projects that need a man basket, a camera system, and a wireless remote control that is particularly useful when mounting counterweight elements from the trailer.