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Härzschel puts Tadano AC 4.100L-1 all terrain crane into service

From left to right: Manfred Härzschel (Founder, Härzschel) – Thorsten Dietzel (Sales Manager, Tadano) – Sylvia Fredeweß (Managing Director, Härzschel) – Maximilian Fredeweß (Crane Operator, Härzschel) – Olaf Harzmeyer (Crane Operator, Härzschel).

It would be simply impossible to deny that the team at Cloppenburg-based Härzschel has a definitive predilection for Tadano machinery: All the cranes in the company’s fleet come from that manufacturer – and another has now been added in the form of an AC 4.100L-1 that managing director Sylvia Fredeweß and her father and company founder Manfred Härzschel recently picked up in Zweibrücken. The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Thorsten Dietzel.

“Choosing the Tadano AC 4.100L-1 was a pretty straightforward decision, since it perfectly complements our cutting-edge fleet in that space between the AC 4.080-1 and our 160-tonne unit from Lauf, rounding everything off perfectly,” Manfred Härzschel explains his company’s purchase decision. He then goes on to add that the crane’s powerful lifting capacity, 59.4-meter-long main boom, and an axle load lower than the 12-tonne limit make the AC 4.100L-1 one of the most versatile cranes out there. The team at Härzschel considers the AC 4.100L‑1’s extremely compact design to be another crucial advantage that provides the machine with enormous maneuverability, and adds to that the two-engine design, which makes the crane particularly cost-effective. Moreover, its compact dimensions make it perfect for jobs in urban areas where tight space conditions prevail – after all, it has the smallest overall width out of all the cranes in its class, coming in at a mere 2.55 meters.

Among other things, the Cloppenburg crane experts ordered the AC 4.100L‑1 with a runner prep package in order to increase the crane’s resale value. But that is not all that the experts at Härzschel carefully thought about, as they also made sure that their crane operators would be as comfortable as possible: “That’s why we ordered the AC 4.100L-1 with an air conditioning system, fridge, and engine-independent heater,” Sylvia Fredeweß says while listing the additional equipment on the crane. She then goes on to reveal that Härzschel has once again confirmed its predilection for the Tadano brand with an order for an AC 5.220-1.