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Auto Klug takes delivery of Tadano AC 4.070L-1 all terrain crane

From left to right: Chris Enders (Crane Operator, Auto-Klug), Bernd Reichel (Technical Operations Manager, Auto-Klug), Christina Glück (Managing Director, Auto-Klug), Reinhard Weiser (Crane Operator, Auto-Klug), Thomas Keckeis (Sales Manager, Tadano)

The Hof, Bavaria-based crane services firm of Auto Klug has just added a new Tadano AC 4.070L-1 all terrain crane to its machinery fleet. “One of the main reasons we opted for the AC 4.070L-1 is that it can carry a lot of counterweight. That makes it a highly versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of jobs,” explains Auto Klug managing director Christina Glück. For the same reason, Klug ordered the AC 4.070L-1 with the full 16.5-tonne complement of counterweight. Another deciding factor for Klug was that their fleet already includes several similar Tadano machines. The similarities make it easy for its operators to move between the different models. The new crane will mainly be used at the Bayreuth-Bindlach site, but is of course also available for use at the other facilities.