flex base

Stepless outrigger system that offers real-time determination for every position of the boom subject to the slewing angle of the super structure.

Technology description

Enhance Outrigger Positioning While Optimizing Lift Capacity

The innovative Flex Base stepless outrigger system makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range. It offers the operator real-time determination for positioning right up to obstructions to achieve the largest possible outrigger base. This helps to optimize lift capacities for the AC 3.045-1 City, AC 3.055-1, AC 3.060-1, AC 4.080-1 and AC 5.130-1 all terrain cranes, which are all nimble and compact models perfect for completing jobs in tight spaces. Flex Base, as the IC-1 Plus control system, automatically identifies outrigger setup, installed counterweight, superstructure angle, main boom length, and telescoping sequence.