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Dedicated Tadano Customer Support Teams are cross-trained to keep all products safely running, including factory-trained service technicians.

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Crane Inspections, Repairs and Improvement Opportunities

We offer a complete overhaul of your older machines, should you need it. Whether it’s a 10-year major inspection or a component overhaul, we have you covered. Customers have the option of having one of our service technicians visit their work site, or they can drop off their machine at one of our fully equipped workshops across Australia.

Meeting Australian standards 

At Tadano, we understand that our customer’s equipment is critical to their business’s success, which is why we ensure all our mobile crane repairs and services are of the highest standard. Our highly trained staff only use O.E.M crane parts, sourced directly from our Tadano plants across the globe. This ensures that every piece of equipment and machinery leaving our workshops has had multiple inspections and is in excellent working condition.

Our service technicians are here to help regularly maintain your newly purchased mobile crane as well as your current fleet of machines, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum efficiency for your lifting equipment.

Product Support

Our experienced technicians have extensive factory training which means they have the knowledge and systems in place to not only provide an unparalleled customer experience, but also to ensure maximisation of your machine, leading to greater productivity for your business.

How you’ll benefit from Tadano crane servicing:

  • Quality Assurance and improved response time
  • Training and familiarisation for your staff
  • We ensure your machines are up to date as per factory and regulation requirements
  • Centralised hub for product support requirements with 24/7 coverage
  • Major inspections and maintenance that identify areas of opportunity for efficiency

Our Repair and Maintenance Network

We have four facilities across Australia and work side by side with our service agent network across the entire Oceania region, including New Zealand, making Tadano the most reliable and biggest service and support network in the region. This means we can offer quicker repair turnarounds as we are always within arm’s length.

For more information about our range of service packages and product support options, call us today on 1300 823 266. Tadano, lifting your dreams.