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AT-195CG has articulated booms to cope flexibly with operations in deeper reach, covering a wide range at negative elevation as well.

Product Specs

  • Max. Platform Loading Capacity 200 kg
  • Outrigger Bases 4.4m
  • Max. Main Boom Length 15.27m + 3.75m
  • Material of Bucket Steel
  • Max. Bucket Bottom Height 19.6m
  • Bucket Swing (Slewing) Angle 190┬░(Left 95┬░- Right 95┬░)
  • Bucket Inside Dimensions 0.7m ├Ś 1.2m ├Ś 0.95m
  • Elevation -16┬░ – 80┬░
  • Type of boom Telescopic & Articulating

Product description

Outreach operation with articulating boom

AT-195CG offers the maximum 19.6m basket bottom height and 4.8m depth. This model can be mounted on light and medium duty trucks. Five-way motion control covering boom telescoping, elevation, slewing, boom articulating, and basket swinging. Computer control enables the basket to move in a straight vertical path by changing the boom length, elevation angle, boom length and slewing, and basket swing are controlled to achieve straight horizontal movement. The articulated boom enables approaches to recessed sections of buildings and to positions that are lower than the base boom section.