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AT-170TG offers consistent performance conditions with telescopic boom and 17.2m height basket. It enables comfortable operation in high and wide areas in the class.

Product Specs

  • Max. Platform Loading Capacity 200 kg
  • Outrigger Bases 4.1m
  • Max. Main Boom Length 15.48m
  • Material of Bucket F.R.P.
  • Max. Bucket Bottom Height 17.2m
  • Bucket Swing (Slewing) Angle 200┬░
  • Bucket Inside Dimensions 0.7m ├Ś 1.2m ├Ś 0.9m
  • Elevation -16┬░ – 80┬░
  • Type of boom Telescopic

Product description

Fully equipped to support safe, comfortable operation

AT-170TG offers the maximum 17.2m basket bottom height with telescopic boom. This model can be mounted on light duty trucks. Straight line movement in any direction is achieved through integrated control of boom telescoping, elevating, slewing, and basket swing. A full range of equipment to support safe and comfortable work, including basket swing, boom automatic stowing system, elevating and slewing speed control system. The AMC (Automatic Motion and Moment Controller) automatically controls the work rang by detecting the loading status and the outrigger position.