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Tadano at bauma 2022

In the run-up to bauma 2022, Tadano announced a broad innovation campaign with cutting-edge products and offerings, awakening tremendous interest among customers and partners. “We’ll be taking advantage of this year’s bauma to show an international public everything we’ve achieved in the past few years and the enormous progress we’ve made in a number of areas that benefit our customers. Tadano is excited to welcome visitors to our booth at bauma for them to witness the numerous innovations in terms of products and solutions” says Tadano Faun GmbH and Tadano Demag GmbH CEO Jens Ennen.

Tadano wants to be measured by this self-confident statement at the upcoming bauma trade fair and show that the company is accelerating along the right path by providing top-notch lifting solutions and getting the highest levels of customer satisfaction globally.

These efforts are spearheaded by the motto “Your Passion. Our DNA.” Jens Ennen explains the reasoning behind it: “For our customers, cranes are more than just another tool that they use. We share their passion for cranes. Our employees often say that cranes run in their blood – they are part of our DNA. For us, every single lift that is performed is just as important as it is to the customer.”

bauma makes OneTadano tangible

The starting point for the OneTadano strategy was the integration of Demag into the Tadano Group in 2019, which was a strong signal sent by Tadano to the lifting industry, as a major step towards our goal of becoming No. 1 worldwide in the lifting equipment industry.

Tadano’s objective is to earn the position of the first choice for customers, and to position Tadano as a leading industrial supplier of lifting equipment solutions.

To this end, many initiatives have been taken, always with the intention of putting customers’ needs first.

A main initiative has been merging local sales and service branches in all markets into joint Tadano teams. These branches used to act independently of each other, but this change has enabled them to provide more comprehensive offerings to customers along with better service, since it is covering all their equipment.

“We know that we can only be successful if we also provide industry-leading support for our products. This way, our customers now enjoy getting support for all their Tadano cranes and legacy Demag cranes from these consolidated service and parts teams with a single call.” explains Klaus Kröppel, Senior Vice President Sales, Tadano Demag GmbH & Tadano Faun GmbH.

Another major initiative Tadano has taken started with the recent launch of the Tadano AC 2.040-1 all terrain crane, which is a world first in two ways: it is the first all terrain crane jointly developed by Tadano’s Lauf and Zweibrücken locations in Germany and the AC 2.040-1 is the very first member of the future Tadano AC family.

“That’s why this market launch is really special for us – after all, the new AC 2.040-1 is the first crane to combine the best of our two worlds with the know-how from Zweibrücken and Lauf,” All Terrain Crane Product Line VP Dr. Frank Schröder proudly points out. This also means that the AC 2.040-1 is blazing a trail that all Tadano all terrain cranes will be following in the future: All future models will share the same DNA with:a standardized crane control system, cab, on board diagnostics, telematics, and many other technologies.  

Successful product campaign

Since the last bauma trade fair in 2019, Tadano started an unparalleled innovation push and has launched 12 new cranes and solutions on the market. The list includes the AC 2.040-1, AC 4.070L-1, AC 4.080-1, AC 5.120‑1, AC 7.450-1, HK 4.050-1, and HK 4.070-1 models, as well as a telescopic boom crawler crane that is produced in Zweibrücken, the GTC-2000. On top of that, three rough terrain models from the GR series have become available for sale and use in the European market since April 2021.

OneBrand & Standardization of product names

Tadano has also standardized the product names for all its all terrain and lattice boom crawler cranes as part of its OneBrand strategy. The change has applied to the Tadano (Faun) ATF and Demag AC all terrain product lines, as well as to Demag CC lattice boom crawler cranes: For example, the AC 450-7 has become the AC 7.450-1. As a further step, the product names for the telescopic boom crawler cranes in the GTC line will be standardized and changed in line with the names used in the American market, with the GTC‑1800EX kicking things off: Effective immediately, it will be sold under the GTC‑2000 model name worldwide. This new naming system has not only become well-established in the market, but has also been warmly received from the company’s customers.

This also goes for the company’s most recent market launches, as Tadano’s customers are expanding the presence of these new cranes on work sites throughout the world the AC 2.040-1, the AC 4.080-1, and the seven-axle AC 7.450-1, all of which are enjoying high levels of demand since their launch. This demand continues to be vibrant, as shown with the news that Saudi crane service provider Expertise placed a large order for 79 Tadano AC cranes from Tadano in Zweibrücken this spring.

Tadano Green Solutions

Tadano is making many efforts as part of its commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. The Tadano Group has published its goals of reducing the CO2 emissions from its business activities by 25 percent worldwide and those from its products by 35 percent by 2030. “Against that backdrop, we’ll be showcasing additional solutions for environmentally friendly crane operation at this year’s bauma as well,” Jens Ennen reveals.

The company’s commitment to these goals can also be seen in its development of trailblazing products and solutions in the area of sustainability, in the constant desire to have all the solutions in hand to meet the growing needs of our customers, but also the rapidly evolving ecological standards in the various world markets. For instance, Tadano has announced the world’s first fully electric rough terrain crane, which is currently in an advanced development stage. The new crane will be able to travel to and from work sites and take care of all lifting operations there exclusively with energy supplied by its batteries, making zero-emission operation possible. The crane’s market launch is planned for the end of 2023.

Another example is the ESTA-award-winning E-Pack which has been available since 2020. This feature is an electro-hydraulic system that comes with an integrated 32-kW electric motor that makes extremely quiet zero-emission crane operation possible. Applications include indoor jobs, projects in urban areas, and nighttime work in residential areas. The E-Pack can be used to carry out all crane functions maintaining the corresponding crane’s maximum lifting capacity and the other performance characteristics are comparable to those achieved with operation with a diesel engine in many work areas. It should come as no surprise that demand for the E-Pack is strong, with customers increasingly ordering new AC models with this innovative unit or retrofitting existing cranes with it.

On top of that, many Tadano cranes can be operated in an environmentally friendly manner thanks to, model-specific, compatibility with various alternative diesel fuels, and Tadano is constantly working on expanding the list of compatible models. The use of these fuels, such as HVO, makes crane operation with reduced emissions possible so that cranes are more climate- and environmentally friendly.

In this way, Tadano works to develop green solutions for its customers while not forgetting to innovate for the needs of customers working in markets where internal combustion engines are still the norm, ultimately always giving the customer a choice, and a different solution to all their needs.

Digital solutions

Tadano will also be showcasing a large number of solutions, tools, and offerings in the area of digitalization at bauma. “However, it’s important for me to point out that digitalization is not an end in itself for us, and is instead something we’re tackling with a focus on our customers so that we can meet their specific needs,” underscores Klaus Kröppel. Visitors will be able to see that for themselves: The company’s booth will provide them with the opportunity to try out a number of Tadano tools and experience their benefits. The tools include: the LiftPlan outrigger load and work range tool, IC-1 Remote & Hello Net, and the new Heavy Goods logistics planning tool. Other highlights from the Tadano digitalization campaign include its new website, which went live at the end of 2021, and its brand-new digital showroom. This showroom has been “open” since mid-May, is constantly being filled with new exhibits, and will show all machines, solutions, and service offerings that Tadano will showcase at bauma 2022 when the show opens. “It really is worth it to take a peek at our showroom often – there’s always something new in” Vice President Marketing European & Pan-American Operations Sven Ebinger recommends.

An optimistic message for bauma 2022

Tadano is on schedule to fulfill its 2021 announcement that it would be launching 15 new cranes in the coming years, with the first ones already having been brought to life.

“Our OneTadano transformation process is going as planned, and it’s something we’ll get the chance to show everyone at bauma,” points out Jens Ennen, who has the numbers to back up his statement: Nearly all the products on display did not even exist yet at the time of bauma 2019, and several models and solutions will be celebrating their world debut at bauma 2022.

Jens Ennen sees it all with optimism: “Despite all the challenges, such as the pandemic and various supply chain disruptions, we’ve been able to deliver very impressive results since the last bauma. Our customers have told us they believe that we have made the right choices and have been with us all along our journey towards “One Tadano.” That’s why we’re very proud of the fact that we’ll be able to showcase the benefits that our customers enjoy at the biggest booth we’ve ever had in Munich, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming our customers and showing them even more of what we’ve been working on just for them” Tadano Faun GmbH and Tadano Demag GmbH CEO Jens Ennen concludes.