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The GR-1450EX brings huge maximum lift capacity and height for heavy jobs, while its design and control features mean lower transport and operation costs.

Product Specs

  • Capacity Class 145 t
  • Main Boom Length 13.1m – 61.0m
  • Boom Extension 10.3 m / 18.0 m
  • Outrigger Bases 9.0 m x 8.2 m
  • Hoist Line Pull 97.0 kN
  • Max. Radius 59.0 m
  • Dimensions 16.2 m L x 3.3 m W x 3.8 m H
  • Axles 2
  • Drive 6x4x6

Product description

Huge Capacity, Self-Removable Features for Transport

With a maximum lift capacity of 145t and a maximum lift height of 92.2m (Manual offset jib + insert jib), the GR-1450EX excels in heavy-duty operations. Equipped with a Mitsubishi engine, it ensures robust performance. Standard features include HELLO NET, a telematics system that supports crane management by providing details on operational status, position, and maintenance. When operating the GR-1450EX with asymmetrical outriggers extended, the AML-C detects the extension width of all the crane’s outriggers to measure maximum work capacity in each area. The ECO Mode controls maximum engine speed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%. The self-removable counterweight and outrigger boxes facilitate easier transport and lower costs.