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Perthel takes delivery of Tadano AC 4.070L-1

From left to right: Jens Meirich (Crane driver, Perthel), Lukas Müller (Authorized Officer, Perthel), Jörg Müller (Managing Director, Perthel), Uwe Degenhardt (Sales Manager, Tadano), Andreas Krause (Crane driver, Perthel)

The experts at Perthel Stahlbau are extremely familiar with the ins and outs of the advantages behind the Tadano AC 4.070-1: “After all, we’ve had the previous model with us for ten years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. And with that kind of results, it was pretty much a given that we’d eventually decide to get the upgraded version in the form of the AC 4.070L-1, which we’ve now done,” Perthel Managing Director Jörg Müller said while picking up the crane in Lauf. The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Uwe Degenhardt.

The AC 4.070L-1 is already the fifth Tadano crane in Perthel’s 33 years of history as a company: “You could say we treated ourselves to it as a kind of birthday present,” Jörg Müller jokes before adding that the crane’s two-engine design with separate motors for the superstructure and carrier is something he really likes. “Our cranes usually don’t have to travel very far, so it made economic sense to us to have an efficient second engine on the superstructure in order to take care of crane operation itself,” he explains. He then goes on to mention additional advantages behind the AC 4.070L-1, such as the flexible counterweight splitting system that allows for axle loads of 10 to 16.5 tonnes, the lift & release adjuster, and the SmartChart outrigger system, which makes it possible to take optimum advantage of the crane’s large lifting capacities under all conditions: “That’s something that really comes in handy when erecting factory buildings,” Jörg Müller underscores. On top of this, the crane’s tremendous reliability has always left a huge impression on him, not to mention that there is a very practical reason that further boosts his company’s predilection for Tadano: Perthel’s location in Bad Lobenstein is just an hour’s drive away from Lauf – and being close by is always helpful when it comes to business relationships.

Perthel ordered its new AC 4.070L-1 with a double folding swing-away jib and a load view camera for its 52.10-meter main boom. With this configuration, the crane will be perfectly prepared to take care of jobs such as installing roof panels. An important advantage, given that Perthel is primarily engaged in the construction of factory buildings – which coincidentally is also the first job lined up for the AC 4.070L-1: For the Belgian customer Nippon Gases, it will be erecting a steel construction building, together with the corresponding industrial siding, for dry ice production in Zörbig.