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Foselev takes delivery of new Tadano AC 7.450-1

From left to right : Loïc Bernier (Foselev) – Jean-Pierre Muller (Tadano) – Didier Dindinger (Tadano) – Willy Baumann (Foselev) – Michael Mathieu (Foselev) – Yann Buffet (Foselev) – Alexandre Bourg (Foselev) – Jean Perez (Tadano France)

Have the team at French industrial service provider Foselev look at the Tadano AC 7.450‑1 and they will quickly tell you that it is a perfect match for their fleet: “We’re always taking on new challenges, especially when tackling big projects, so we really need the right crane for each work site. Our new AC 7.450‑1 puts us in an even better position when it comes to that,” explains Branch Manager Michael Mathieu, who picked up the crane together with workshop technician Loîc Bernier in Zweibrücken. The AC 7.450‑1 was handed over by Tadano France Business Leader Jean-Marie Grossmann.

More specifically, the AC 7.450‑1’s compact design, large lifting capacity, and long boom all played a crucial role in making a compelling case for Foselev. “On top of that, the extraordinary interplay between mechanical, electrical, and electronic components is something that Tadano really nailed with this crane. That’s why we’re very happy to have added a Tadano for this important fleet expansion,” Michael Mathieu underscores. In addition, the AC 7.450‑1 benefits from the merger between Tadano and Demag by having the best components of both worlds, so that his company is getting a real competitive advantage with the crane. In fact, these synergistic effects are one of the important factors that have led him to see the merger as a really positive thing. And his technician, Loîc Bernier, backs him up: “The Tadano AC 7.450‑1 is an innovative crane that offers one-of-a-kind solutions such as the Surround View system. This camera system makes travelling safer and also makes it significantly easier to position the crane at work sites.”

Thanks to the crane’s enormous versatility, Foselev will be using its AC 7.450‑1 to erect wind turbines and tower cranes, as well as for bridge construction and industrial projects.